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Harry Potter is finally available on eBooks. Only through the Pottermore website, but Amazon is trying. Sort of….

I’ve written before that I would have been more likely to buy Harry Potter eBooks a couple of years ago, somewhat less likely to have bought them when JK Rowlings’ Pottermore website promised to sell them last Fall. Less so now when they are finally here.

But depite the delay I bought them all, though it was a bit difficult, and I can see others not doing do after all this time,

When the iPad launched in Sweden there were no eBooks in the Swedish iBooks store. So I turned to Amazon and their Kindle app. Apple lost me, as all of my eBook purchases have been from Amazon. But all these books have been from the American store. refuses to sell me Kindle books.

Not exactly so with Potter. I clicked at to buy all the books in one package, but it just sent me to Pottermore. Then they wouldn’t sell the eBooks to my location…until I changed from English (US) to English (UK). That worked fine (so I now own the properly titled “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” rather than the dumbed down American “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”). Strangely they billed me in dollars rather than pounds…

That was OK, but what was irritating was despite my buying the whole package, I had to download each of the seven titles, one by one.

Primitive user interface Pottermore!

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