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Gudings slott

In mid-July I finally had an opportunity to take part in an archaeological excavation. I spent four days on a dig by the Gotland Archaeological Field School at a place called Gudings slott, near Eke in southeastern Gotland.

Butehamun in the journal KMT

I am delighted that my article about Butehamun (spelled “Butehamen” in accordance with their style guide) has been published in the respected popular Egyptology magazine “Kmt”. This is particularly gratifying because the journal had close links with the late Dr.…

CSI episode 300 a disappointment

I very much like the TV series CSI, but I stopped watching after William Petersen left the series after 9 seasons. His Gil Grisson character, with hints of Aspbergers, was fascinating. It wasn’t the same show without him. But I…