Social Media and Web 2.0

There will be some different posts on this blog over the next few months. While here on my leave of absence in Strasbourg I’ve been taking distance courses from Swedish universities. I took advantage of the course I took from Gotland University last semester in Cascading Style Sheets to create the website marketing my services as a translator from Swedish to English. This semester I am taking a course from Umeå University in Social Media and Web 2.0, and the assignments include maintaining a blog and using it in conjunction with the course.

This ought to encourage more posts to this less than super active blog. So there will be a new tag for the Social Media course and a new alternative in the top menu. (The next assignment involves Twitter, so expect some different tweets at

One thing that immediately struck me as I struggled to log in to and learn to use the course website concerns digital textbooks. Last week Apple launched their iBooks 2 initiative, and presented a slew of textbooks costing under 15 dollars, and deals from virtually all of the major publishers. Yet, of the two books required for this course, one costs 6 dollars less from the Kindle Bookstore than from iBooks 2 (which wanted close to three times that 15 dollar figure) and the other is only available via Kindle, not in iBooks.

It seems Apple has more work to do…..

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