Getting into eReading

Reading books and magazines on an ebook reader seems to be an acquired skill. I bought the Kindle version of “WordPress for Dummies” to help restart my blog (would have bought the iBook version but Amazon will take my kronor and the Swedish iBook store won’t).

Sadly it lacks an index, and if I want to just find something, it’s a lot easier to leaf thru a real book.

I would like to convert my magazine subscriptions to the iPad. I have stacks of old issues of Wired lying around. And the international sub price for Wired is astronomical!

But even Wired, which seems to be on the cutting edge of this revolution, doesn’t offer an eSubscription (yet), just single issues like the one I am reading now (the paper version still hasn’t arrived here).

Some very small Swedish newspapers already offer iPad versions. Hopefully the biggies won’t be too far behind.

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