Ancient Monuments on Lidingö 3: Långängen Grave Field

Not far from Stockby is Långängens gård, a farmstead that apparently dates back to the Viking period. Today a popular cafe, the hill behind the current farm buildings was the cemetary (Lidingö 9:1) for the farmstead during the Late Iron Age (ca 800-1050 AD).

The gravefield behind the Långängen farmstead, Google Earth

The grave field consists of 12 round stone-setting mounds, which are believed to have served as a cemetary for the Långängen farm during the Late Iron Age. According to the National Heritage Board Fmis database, the gravefield measures 50 x 25 meters, and is made up of around 12 prehistoric monuments, most round stone-settings. Thse are 3-6 meters in diameter, 0.2-0.4 meters tall.

Map of the grave field

None of the graves have have excavated.

At the side of the grave field is a ”stensamling” (which translates literally as a ”pile of stones”).

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