Ancient Monuments on Lidingö 1: Stockby Burial Mound

Burial mound Lidingö 6:1

In connection with my Archeology course from Uppsala University, I have been visiting burial mounds and grave fields here on Lidingö. I was very surprised to discover a Bronze or Iron Age burial mound less than a 20 minute walk from home, right next to our new recycling station. Sadly, the sign marking the site has been vandalized, and someone has dumped a bunch of cement blocks on the edge of the mound.

The vandalized and empty sign at Lidingö 6:1

Cement blocks dumped on the side of th burial mound

The entry at the Swedish National Heritage Board database Fmis for the mound reads in part (my translation):

Mound, 7 meters in diameter and 0.7 meters tall. On the edge individual stones 0.2-0.3 meter each. Remnants of a edge? On the south—east side there are three meter tall stones. In the middle a round depression ca 1.5 meters in diameter.

In the stone-setting’s northwestern section are two depressions each ca 1.5 x 1 meters and 0.3 meter deep. The limit is now unclear because of ancient damage. In the northwestern corner some bushes are growing. Four meters south of the mound is an irregular elevation of around 5 x 4 meters, possibly an old house foundation.

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