Swedish income tax filing can be pretty easy

Photo: Charlotta Wadenbrant/Skatteverket

I was a bit concerned about filing my Swedish income tax return this year. I’m going to be in France until around May 1, and the filing deadline is May 2. (You can ask for an extension but apparently it is typically only for a week.)

But it took me less than a minute to log onto the Tax Agency’s website, take a look at the information filed by my employer and banks, and click “File”.

I could have done this with my iPhone or iPad (as pictured in the Tax Agency press photo) but to do that you need a special number that is one the filing form mailed to you, which in my case is still in Sweden.

The nice thing about filing electronically is that you get refunds in June, rather than in August, which is the case if you send in a paper return. (If I understand correctly, this is still way later than in the US, but since you used to get your Swedish refund in December, it’s still a great improvement. Just means you no longer have some extra money just in time to buy Christmas presents.)

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