Strasbourg by Water

Batorama European Parliament ahead

The boat reaches the European Parliament

Our friends recently visited us from Sweden, and on the last day of their visit we took the Batorama boat tour of Strasbourg, which travels around the central island of the Old Town and then out to the European institutions, the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, and the one week a month home of the EU Parliament.

This was the second time I took the tour, the first was on one of my first visits to Strasbourg. Now, after having wandered around the areas the boat parallets for more than two months, the trip was very different. I knew where we were the whole time, rather than a general feeling of being lost. And the commentary (provided in eight languages through headphones) was a lot more compelling, because it was about buildings and bridges I actually see all the time.

For example, I learned that the bridge that leads to the American Consulate is the Pont Kennedy, which probably is not a coincidence.

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