Author: George Wood

I was born in California, but have lived in Sweden since 1975, working at Radio Sweden. I spent many years writing and presenting our program for shortwave listeners, “Sweden Calling DXers”. With the gradual phase-out of shortwave in favor of the Internet, I’ve since moved on to being our webmaster. My big claim to web fame has been that I was the first person in Sweden to post a radio program on the Internet, in 1994…the first person in Europe to post a radio program in English.

Review: Posterous

This is intended as a review (and test) of Posterous, a service making it possible to post to blogs and social media from mobile devices via e-mail. It looks good, wasn’t that hard to configure for my WordPress-blog, Facebook, Twitter,…

Has the BBC Changed Its Podcast Policy?

One of my favorite radio programs is the BBC’s “In Our Time”. Every Thursday, except for a summer break, Melvyn Bragg and three varying and eloquent academic experts discuss what in Swedish would be called “idéhistoria”. Besides pure history, the…

Transcending the Kindle

Are eReaders the savior of newspapers? In the latest issue of “Wired” Steven Levy argues for the usefulness and more serious role of the Kindle compared to the iPad: “But longer, deeper plunges into literature—what the critic Victor Nell calls “ludic…


Kon-tiki, originally uploaded by radiowood2000. The Kon-tiki raft, which in 1947 took Thor Heyerdahl and six companions from Peru to Polynesia in 110 days.